Monday, June 28, 2010

Old Bahama Bay Resort

olb bahamas bay resort
      Situated on the west side of Grand Bahama Island, Old Bahama Bay resort is only 64 miles of Palm Beach Florida and 24 miles west of Freeport being very easy to reach either by sea or by air.

     After it has been extensively remodeled an renovated over the past several years, the complex can face other big competitors like Lucaya or Freeport.

    Old Bahama Bay resort, includes a marina, 47 guest units – cottage and suites – a restaurant, bar, tennis courts, and on site watersports. The rooms are very nicely furnished, with large and modern bathrooms, and each room has a TV, internet connection and fax.

    While there are a lot of beautiful places to relax on the beach, for those who like action there are windsurfers, paddleboats with glass bottom, sailfish, kayaks just to name a few, and for the land lubbers, bicycles, a fitness center and a tennis court.

    A highlight of the Old Bahama Bay resort area is the most interesting snorkel trail program in the Caribbean. This program is unique because it is the only snorkel program that has been designed by naturalists. At the watersports center you’ll find a lot of products to help you in your underwater adventure such as: snorkels, underwater pencils,fins, maps, laminated underwater guides that describes over 100 different species of marine life.

   Old Bahama Bay resort will also be very appreciated by those who came with their children. A baby-sitting service is available, DVD player and movies from a large video library for kids. Your children will also appreciate the toys like sand pail and shovels, the water wings and the fun noodles that are at their disposal.

    For entertainment, Old Bahama Bay resort offers unique celebrations like “Croon to the Moon” which happens every full moon weekend and includes karaoke, crab racing, fire dancing or food and drink specials, or like “Gospel Sanday Brunch” and “Kids Movie Night”.

    So, Old Bahamas Bay resort could be an excellent location for you and your kids to have a vacation, a location from which you’ll not only return recharged and ready for work and for the every day life, but also with a lot of wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

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