Friday, August 7, 2009

Scuba Diving In Bahamas

During a Bahamas trip diving is one of most interesting experience a tourist can have. Having the clearest water and the largest coral reefs the Bamamas Islands in probably the best place for snorkeling and diving.

These island offer you different kinds of diving such as shore, boat, wall, cave, wreck and even shark dives so it’s only up to you to try them all or stick to just one during your Bahamas trip.

An important thing that you to consider when planning a Bahamas trip for diving is the weather.
Although the best months of the year for diving in Bahamas is September and October this time also presents the highest risk for hurricanes.

Another matter you should consider before starting scuba diving durin a Bahamas trip is certain medical condition such as heart or respiratory problem which could not be compatible with this activity.

Bahamas has many great spots for scuba diving and limiting yourself to just one spot would be a loss. So here are some of the best location for diving in Bahamas:
  • Dog Rocks is located in Exuma Islands and is a great spot for diving and fishing because of the beautiful diving reefs and the exotic fish that are swimming amongst them
  • Grad Bahama is famous the dolphin dive where you can play with the dolphins in their own environemet and can even feed the. Theo’s Wreck which is a sunken frighter 100 feet deep, is another great spot for diving and, of course, and Ben’s Cavern which is “a must” spot for cavern divers enthusiasts.
  • Bimini Road , located in Bimini Islands, is a reef that is named so after the mysterious stones that look road along the sand ocean bottom. Some say the is a part of the lost city of Atlantis.
  • New Providence has the Thunderball Reef located to the northeast of Athol Island, is comprised of a long, narrow reef with lots of coral formations and many species of tropical fish. This is the place where underwater scenes of James Bond movie was shoot. The Mahoney Wreck ,another “must see” spot for diving, was a British frighter that is now scatteres on the botton in 25 to 45 feet ow water. This wreck is covered with fire coral, so be sure to wear protective clothing.
Taking the time to do some scuba diving during you Bahamas trip could be an
amazing experience that you will never forget. But before you can start diving a certification is necessary which is not hard to obtain because most operators provide diving lessons for beginners.

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