Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bahamas Accomodation

In Bahamas you’ll be able to find any kind of accommodations you ca think of. From big hotels to private villas or bungalows. The locations are also varied from beach hotels to those located in the mountains with fabulous views. Of course the prices also varies from tens of dollars a day to thousands like the Bridge Suit of the Atlantis hotel that costs $25000 per night.

Choosing the right accommodation is important because you will not only spend the nights there but important part of the day too. So here are the main types of accommodation that Bahamas can offer you.

All inclusive resorts. This mean that almost anything is at your discretion. Meals, drinks, fun activities, services are free and are waiting for you to try them. You are given the opportunity the try different kind of cuisines, exotic beverages an so on. If you would like to learn to scuba dive or maybe to surf, or to learn to dance salsa you can take lessons without spending a cent.

Some people are worried because of the concern that once you’ve paid for the hole package you’ll be unlikely to leave the hotel compound and visit other restaurants or explore the islands. But if you know how to balance the stay within the resort compounds with the island tours or visits to off-property restaurants you should have no problem.

Intimate Inns. If peace and quite is what you looking for this is the type of accommodation to go with. Here you will also have the opportunity to immerse your self in the local atmosphere and meet local people, test different type of bahamian food and drinks. This kind of accommodation may be more restrictive and may offer limited services. So be sure to ask a lot of question before booking a room, like:
  • Are you allowed to smoke indoors?
  • Is breakfast included or not?
  • Are any special diets available?
  • Are you allowed with children?
  • Is there a minimum stay?

Villas. If you’re looking for an extended stay and you want to really immerse yourself in the island you should definitely rent a villa. You’ll that villas in price, services and luxury. But, again before you rent one ask a lot of questions about their offer:
  • Does the villa provide maid services? A lot of villas offer maid services before you arrival and after your departure and any extra cleaning can be arranged for some extra charge.
  • Does the villa provide cook services? Many villas can offer you 3 meals a day, or just breakfast.
  • Does the villa have air conditioning. Never assume that it has.
  • Does the villa offer car rentals service? A lot of villas are located pretty far away from the resorts and you’ll definitely need a car to get around.
  • What is the minimum stay? Unlike hotel where you can book a room for at least 3 day, villas could have a minimum 7 day stay, so check ahead your options

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