Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Atlantis Bahamas Vacation Packages

atlantis bahamas vacation packages
   The summer is here and it’s time for it’s time to have your well deserved vacation. Bahamas has many resorts that could offer you a good time and choosing one of them could be a difficult task. If you’re thinking about Atlantis, let me tell you that it’s an excellent choice. So it’s time for you to start researching and choosing one from various Atlantis Bahamas vacation packages.

    This is not to a difficult task. You can search online or you can go to a travel agent to help you choose a hotel like Beach Tower, Coral Towers, Royal Towers,  Harborside resort, the Reef and the Cove Atlantis. You should know that in any of the Atlantis Bahamas vacation packages the maximum occupancy allowed is four persons and a 4 years old or younger child.

   If  you choose to book on line, before you buy, you should first read the feedbacks of  the customers and find out if that website is to be trusted or not. If you choose to go with a travel agent , you have to make sure that you need and you budget are well understood. Most of the Atlantis Bahamas vacation packages include accommodation in a hotel, air transportation and sometimes the fees for various activities and tours.

    Discounted Atlantis Bahamas vacation packages can also be found, but, this will happen mostly during spring when it’s the rainy season in Bahamas. The weather is still warm and it’s still nice spent some quality time.

    If you’re lucky and have flexible vacation plans you can find some really cheap Atlantis Bahamas vacation packages by booking at the last minute. This happens when the airlines and the hotels are trying to fill their empty seats.

    With so many options available, researching and asking around, will help you spent less for the package deal, and have more money left in your vacation budget to enjoy a memorable vacation in Bahamas.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Atlantis Resort in Bahamas

Atlantis Resort in Bahamas
     The Atlantis Resort in Bahamas is located in Paradis Island and it is maybe the most famous in the entire Caribbean. The resort was built by Sol Kerzner a south-african hotel magnate and Kerzner International. It is a place of luxury where you can enjoy everything from accommodations and food to water-sports and gambling.

     Getting to Atlanstis resort in Bahamas is very easy. From Nassau International Airport you can take a bus , a taxi or you can even walk. The price for a cab is about 33$ for a ride to the hotel and it take about 40 minutes.
     The Atlantis resort in Bahamas has six major hotels, the Beach Tower, the Coral Towers, the Royal Towers, the Harborside resort, the Reef and the Cove Atlantis, with a price range from 129 $ per night to 25000 $  which is the price you’ll have to pay if you want to spent one night at the famous “Bridge Suite” at Royal Towers.
    The masterpiece attraction in Atlantis Resort in Bahamas, is the magnificent Waterscape, which is a 14 acre complex of 3 underwater grottos, 6 lagoons, an a transparent tube that takes you beneath one of the lagoons, to cross a rope suspension bridge, onto an artificial coral reef for un underwater habitat of more than 3.2 million gallons of salt water. You’ll also find here la largest outdoor open-water aquarium in the world for the construction of which over $ 65 million were spent.

    For those who love the nightlife, Atlantis Resort in Bahamas offers a wide range of possibilities to spent some quality time. The Atlantis Casino and Discotheque is certainly one of them. Being the only casino in the world build on water, it was designed to be a reverence paid to the lost continent of Atlantis and it looks like it rises directly from the waters of the lagoon.

    At Dragons which is the disco part of the casino you can spend time dancing to some of the best music on the islands. If you’re single here is the best place to see and be seen. The party start at 9 p.m. and if you’re not a guest at the Atlantis it will cost you 25 $ to get in.

    The Atlantis Resort in Bahamas really is one of the most beautiful locations in the world to spend your vacation and the beast part is that it will ruin your family budget. So enjoy yourselves and start living the good life.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Old Bahama Bay Resort

olb bahamas bay resort
      Situated on the west side of Grand Bahama Island, Old Bahama Bay resort is only 64 miles of Palm Beach Florida and 24 miles west of Freeport being very easy to reach either by sea or by air.

     After it has been extensively remodeled an renovated over the past several years, the complex can face other big competitors like Lucaya or Freeport.

    Old Bahama Bay resort, includes a marina, 47 guest units – cottage and suites – a restaurant, bar, tennis courts, and on site watersports. The rooms are very nicely furnished, with large and modern bathrooms, and each room has a TV, internet connection and fax.

    While there are a lot of beautiful places to relax on the beach, for those who like action there are windsurfers, paddleboats with glass bottom, sailfish, kayaks just to name a few, and for the land lubbers, bicycles, a fitness center and a tennis court.

    A highlight of the Old Bahama Bay resort area is the most interesting snorkel trail program in the Caribbean. This program is unique because it is the only snorkel program that has been designed by naturalists. At the watersports center you’ll find a lot of products to help you in your underwater adventure such as: snorkels, underwater pencils,fins, maps, laminated underwater guides that describes over 100 different species of marine life.

   Old Bahama Bay resort will also be very appreciated by those who came with their children. A baby-sitting service is available, DVD player and movies from a large video library for kids. Your children will also appreciate the toys like sand pail and shovels, the water wings and the fun noodles that are at their disposal.

    For entertainment, Old Bahama Bay resort offers unique celebrations like “Croon to the Moon” which happens every full moon weekend and includes karaoke, crab racing, fire dancing or food and drink specials, or like “Gospel Sanday Brunch” and “Kids Movie Night”.

    So, Old Bahamas Bay resort could be an excellent location for you and your kids to have a vacation, a location from which you’ll not only return recharged and ready for work and for the every day life, but also with a lot of wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bahamas Accomodation

In Bahamas you’ll be able to find any kind of accommodations you ca think of. From big hotels to private villas or bungalows. The locations are also varied from beach hotels to those located in the mountains with fabulous views. Of course the prices also varies from tens of dollars a day to thousands like the Bridge Suit of the Atlantis hotel that costs $25000 per night.

Choosing the right accommodation is important because you will not only spend the nights there but important part of the day too. So here are the main types of accommodation that Bahamas can offer you.

All inclusive resorts. This mean that almost anything is at your discretion. Meals, drinks, fun activities, services are free and are waiting for you to try them. You are given the opportunity the try different kind of cuisines, exotic beverages an so on. If you would like to learn to scuba dive or maybe to surf, or to learn to dance salsa you can take lessons without spending a cent.

Some people are worried because of the concern that once you’ve paid for the hole package you’ll be unlikely to leave the hotel compound and visit other restaurants or explore the islands. But if you know how to balance the stay within the resort compounds with the island tours or visits to off-property restaurants you should have no problem.

Intimate Inns. If peace and quite is what you looking for this is the type of accommodation to go with. Here you will also have the opportunity to immerse your self in the local atmosphere and meet local people, test different type of bahamian food and drinks. This kind of accommodation may be more restrictive and may offer limited services. So be sure to ask a lot of question before booking a room, like:
  • Are you allowed to smoke indoors?
  • Is breakfast included or not?
  • Are any special diets available?
  • Are you allowed with children?
  • Is there a minimum stay?

Villas. If you’re looking for an extended stay and you want to really immerse yourself in the island you should definitely rent a villa. You’ll that villas in price, services and luxury. But, again before you rent one ask a lot of questions about their offer:
  • Does the villa provide maid services? A lot of villas offer maid services before you arrival and after your departure and any extra cleaning can be arranged for some extra charge.
  • Does the villa provide cook services? Many villas can offer you 3 meals a day, or just breakfast.
  • Does the villa have air conditioning. Never assume that it has.
  • Does the villa offer car rentals service? A lot of villas are located pretty far away from the resorts and you’ll definitely need a car to get around.
  • What is the minimum stay? Unlike hotel where you can book a room for at least 3 day, villas could have a minimum 7 day stay, so check ahead your options

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Safe Swimming And Diving During You Trip to Bahamas

A trip to Bahamas is a wonderful experience for you and your family. There are a lot of activities that you could do while you’re on the islands. Swimming in those crystal clear waters and seeing the luxuriant marine life is certainly one of them. To make this activity a nice and safe one, we’d like to give you a few tips.

  • Make sure that there are no currents or waves that might sweep you or against the rock or sharp corals.
  • Tell someone that you are going swimming and how long are you planning to stay
  • Watch out for sharp coral, urchins, currents or tidal surges
  • It would be advisable to have a swimming partner
  • Protect your self against the sun and coral
  • If go with a boat make sure that you properly secured the anchor and check on it frequently to make sure that it’s not drifting away.
  • In case you are caught in a current do not swim against it because you will get very soon exhausted. You should swim across the current even though the current will carry you along you will find yourself out of it soon because that currents are usually narrow.
  • Swimming at night might be dangerous. If you must do it, at least bring three or more friends.
  • You should not attempt to do scuba diving without any previous training with a qualified instructor.
  • Avoid chewing gum or food while you swim, because you could easily choke.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

10 Tips for Planning a Trip to Bahamas

  • Make sure that you know everything that’ s included when you booking a traveling package. This way you can avoid bad surprises when you get there.
  • Before you book anything start researching about the health status of the location you planning to go. There could be diseases that you could not know about unless you read about.
  • Make copies of all the documents necessary for you travel and leave them with somebody you trust. This way you will be able to contact them in case you lose your information.
  • Take with your digital camera with you or buy one because during your Bahamas trip you’ll create wonderful memories that you’ll want to last a lifetime.
  • Check to see if you need a visa for your Bahamas trip. If you do need one start gathering the necessary papers ahead of time.
  • Find out the phone number and the address of the local country embassy because you’ll want to have this information available in case of an emergency.
  • Register your trip to the State Departament. This way the authorities will have a starting place to start looking in case you go missing. This isn’t meant to discourage you from making your Bahamas trip, but the statistics show a significant number of tourist that disappear each year.
  • Learn a little bit about the local culture, customs, foods,lows and especially the potential dangers. Doing so, during your Bahamas trip you’ll show that you a polite civilized and have respect for the local people.
  • Don’t take expensive expensive jewelery with or two much cash. Take as much cash as you need taxi, tips and stuff like that, but also make sure that you have enough money in case of an emergency.
  • Find out what items you can or cannot bring back with you upon returning to your home country. It would be a pity to buy something nice for you or for a friend and to be forced to leave it at the customs office.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Scuba Diving In Bahamas

During a Bahamas trip diving is one of most interesting experience a tourist can have. Having the clearest water and the largest coral reefs the Bamamas Islands in probably the best place for snorkeling and diving.

These island offer you different kinds of diving such as shore, boat, wall, cave, wreck and even shark dives so it’s only up to you to try them all or stick to just one during your Bahamas trip.

An important thing that you to consider when planning a Bahamas trip for diving is the weather.
Although the best months of the year for diving in Bahamas is September and October this time also presents the highest risk for hurricanes.

Another matter you should consider before starting scuba diving durin a Bahamas trip is certain medical condition such as heart or respiratory problem which could not be compatible with this activity.

Bahamas has many great spots for scuba diving and limiting yourself to just one spot would be a loss. So here are some of the best location for diving in Bahamas:
  • Dog Rocks is located in Exuma Islands and is a great spot for diving and fishing because of the beautiful diving reefs and the exotic fish that are swimming amongst them
  • Grad Bahama is famous the dolphin dive where you can play with the dolphins in their own environemet and can even feed the. Theo’s Wreck which is a sunken frighter 100 feet deep, is another great spot for diving and, of course, and Ben’s Cavern which is “a must” spot for cavern divers enthusiasts.
  • Bimini Road , located in Bimini Islands, is a reef that is named so after the mysterious stones that look road along the sand ocean bottom. Some say the is a part of the lost city of Atlantis.
  • New Providence has the Thunderball Reef located to the northeast of Athol Island, is comprised of a long, narrow reef with lots of coral formations and many species of tropical fish. This is the place where underwater scenes of James Bond movie was shoot. The Mahoney Wreck ,another “must see” spot for diving, was a British frighter that is now scatteres on the botton in 25 to 45 feet ow water. This wreck is covered with fire coral, so be sure to wear protective clothing.
Taking the time to do some scuba diving during you Bahamas trip could be an
amazing experience that you will never forget. But before you can start diving a certification is necessary which is not hard to obtain because most operators provide diving lessons for beginners.